Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, I have a really sad story to share.  For Christmas this year, Jeff bought me the new
Nikon D 90 with a beautful new lens (  I have been wanting a new camera like this for
a year now.  I loved it!  Get that..."loved."  Sadly I must report that the camera has gone MIA
since March 1st.  This is how it all played out:

Saturday, we leave for Denver to celebrate Jeff's 37th birthday.  Of course we bring my lovely new
camera along to catch all the birthday festivities.  We stay at the Hyatt downtown off Broadway...beautiful weather,  fabulous hotel....shooting pictures all the while.  We eat out, we capture "robot man" entertaining for money.  We board the train as the kids have been begging for a ride since we arrived.  The train takes off.  Joshua launches out of his seat.  I hear him crying but can't find him.  He's under the seat ahead of us with a big knot on his forehead.  Jeff takes the camera off from around his neck and sets it on the seat.  We tend to Joshua and realize it is our time to get off the train.  We exit the train and proceed to walk towards the hotel.  I see Wolf Camera and suggest we go buy some stuff for my new camera.  Jeff looks at me, "Where's the camera?" 

He runs to catch the train as it does a loop and circles back.  He jumps aboard and it's gone. Someone has stolen my brand new camera!!  His birthday starts off with a bang alright.  With no
pictures to prove it.