Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oregon Coast Cousin Retreat

As part of our 3 week Oregon trip the boys and I spent 3 nights at my sisters Beach House with some of their cousins...22 in all (to 7 of us adults!). I must say it was a lot of work for me and my sisters but totally worth it when we'd see our children enjoying each other. So much fun!
Above is half the group, the younger ones enjoying some time at the beach.
Ryan with Emma and Claire.
Ryan running from the waves!
Josh and Kate cleaning off all the sand!

Claire got the "dirtiest" award for sure!
Looks cold but it was actually about 80 and humid.
Emma, Ryan and Claire posin' it up again!

Steph with her "Mini-Me." Kate is Mindy's daughter but looks just like Stephanie did
when she was little.
Ethan and Evelyn in front of the beach house.

Timmerman Family Reunion

This year my boys and I were able to attend our Timmerman family Reunion. It was at Grandma's home (my mom's mom) on the Oregon Coast. We were so fortunate to get a lovely day!
Uncle Conrad and Greg roasted this pig and it was YUMMY! (I can't figure out how to get this underline to go away..oh well).
Liz made up these score cards for the kiddos to keep track of the different events they participated in.
Here's Ethan doing the Ring Toss.
Ethan and my hilarious cousin Zach offering tribute to our heritage.
Liz made these for an activity with her YW but it came handy for the little ones!
My cousin Chloe's girl Lili.
Aunt Lindsey looking ready to pinch some buckets. Josh and Kate had been playing in Grandma's pool...more like a dirty pond.
My cousin Alexis' son Carter. Best picture of the day!
My amazing Grandma Timmerman in her sun room. She is one tough cookie. I hope to be just like her some day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Some kids love sports trophies and some go for...well....syringe trophies! Ryan has filled his first container of used syringes for his diabetes. It's actually his second but the first container that he wants to keep. Hey, whatever keeps him motivated right? It might be a bit creepy a year from now having a shelf full of these but, what the heck. He's a champ in my book!