Sunday, May 31, 2009

{My Little Sisters Wedding

On May 30th our baby sister, Monica (in blue) got married! The last of the Vrtiska girls...and there are eight of us! Crazy, crazy. We are all so happy and so very proud of our little sister and all of her accomplishments. And a BIG shout out to our MOTHER who has been the party planner, caterer, decorater and seamstress for all of our weddings! We love you!

Enjoying her last single night out in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Jeff had to work so it was me and my little man, Ryan. It was so nice having one on one with my son (Jeff's sister Robynn came and watched my other boys...thanks Roby!!).
The Groom...Daniel Steele Long.
Blowing the single life away.
Lovin' on the new brother-in-law!
The Vrtiska's (minus my hubby and my other 2 boys).

We love you Monica and Daniel!
Congratulations and I hope you're having a ball on
the honeymoon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


For Memorial weekend we met up with Jeff's brothers and their families in Arches. The boys had a ball with their cousins and we left feeling sad we don't live closer to family. It was a great trip!


This month Jeff had a conference in Boston and for Mother's Day he flew me out there to be with him! I couldn't have done it without the slew of friends that helped me with my kiddos! Thanks Tagan, Julie, Meghan, Tina and Lynn!! You guys rock!

The first day I arrived I think we must've walked at least 10 miles...and I did it in flip flops! Jeff warned me, but did I listen? There was so much to see. We tried to stay on the Freedom Trail to be sure and see all the historic sites, but every shop, every restaurant called my name.
One of hundreds of churches. There was a church on every street corner. Very beautiful, old churches.
This was our hotel, The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. It was right in the heart of downtown.
We managed to get tickets for the Broadway play Spring Awakening. Apparently it got rave reviews and we were told we MUST see it. All I can say is, "what in the world (with my jaw hanging wide open!)?" You'll have to google this play to find out what it's about!

This is Swan Lake. There are boats that give tours on the water and then drive right out of the water and give land tours. It's pretty cool.

Bunker Hill
Our cab ride to the airport. Farewell Boston! We had a ball!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Ryan Turned FIVE

We are so blessed to have Ryan in our family.  He is the calm through our many storms!! We love you so much Ry!