Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sisters Retreat!

Well, it was more like a Vrtiska Retreat since our parents came. It was kind of weird to have all of us together with no kids (except Debora's Taedon)! I can't remember the last time that happened. When we finally met up in Cannon Beach it was one LOUD reunion. People were stopping in the street to stare. We kept bumping into this same couple and they finally asked us if we were on America's Got Talent! Uhhhh...no! I've come to realize that you just can't replace your sisters. You gals rock!
We are in order here....Michele on the far right, Erica, Debora, me, Lindsey,
Mindy, Stephanie and Monica on the far left.
Cannon Beach
Sweet mom and dad. I was so glad they came!
Dad with some of his girls.
Michele. Mindy. Lindsey.
My techy older sisters! They have teenagers...can you tell?
Me. Monica. Mindy. Stephanie.
My lil' sis.
Darling Taedon.
Here we are at Haystack Rock. This is the rock you see on Goonies.

Thanks for the memories! Love and miss you all already.


Stephanie said...

your camera rocks!! I am sad again...i miss you all so much. Thanks for flying out and making our retreat complete with you and mindy!

Daniel and Monica Long said...

Yeah, no fair! I love your camera. Wedding present??? Just teasing. Love ya.

Tagan said...

How about the Mrs. Oregon pageant? You guys are all gorgeous!!! How fun to get together with everyone. It makes me want 6 more sisters... okay, not really but I'm glad you've got such a fun bunch!

Stephanie said...

Bridget, Monica is behind you on the left! You are hilarious...we are all so competitive!